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In therapy, I work with each individual, family, or caregiver to create a plan that is specific to their health, condition, and situation. Together we then work to make small, manageable shifts that will help create change in the habits, patterns, and beliefs that might be holding you back from feeling healthy and peaceful. For most of my clients, health and lifestyle habits are an integral part of treatment; folks who also want to minimize medication find my approach to be a good fit.

I offer in-person and telehealth sessions to California residents.

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Similar to neuropsychological testing, I perform comprehensive health assessments by gathering data about current medical condition(s), personal/health history, symptoms, mood, cognitive functioning, and lifestyle factors, etc. Then I write up a detailed report, integrating all of the information and outlining how your brain, body, and lifestyle habits are all influencing your sense of health. In addition to identifying patterns that are keeping you stuck, I also provide individualized recommendations and resources to help you resolve the factors that are making you feel bad. 

This is a cutting edge approach to improving your
whole-body health that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.   


I offer supervision and consultation to licensed mental health professionals and organizations in areas related to health psychology and program development. I help clinicians augment their clinical outcomes and depth of conceptualization by teaching them how to incorporate concepts such as microbiome health, exercise recommendations, or systemic inflammation into their standard treatment flow. I assist organizations in developing or enhancing their offerings in mind and body wellness. 


Supervision/consultation may range from a single consult to recurring meetings as desired. 


I offer one paid position to a postdoctoral associate each training cycle and I am currently accepting applications for the 2024/2025 position. Please contact me for more information or download a program summary HERE.


I provide trainings and workshops to individuals, organizations, and schools who are seeking motivating and engaging expertise on health, lifestyle habits, and brain functioning. Typical topics include optimizing work/life/brain functioning through exercise, nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress management, meditation, and relationships. I enjoy tailoring my content for each specific audience so that they walk away feeling interested and motivated to make changes.


Currently, clinicians can find my online CE course, Exercise in Mental Health Care, through Simple Practice Learning.

Other course offerings in health psychology and lifestyle medicine for mental health are in development. Please contact me with questions, requests, or to be placed on the wait list.


I encourage you to give me a call to schedule a complementary consult. I would love to provide you with clarity about where to go from here.


11500 W Olympic Blvd, Suite 460
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Parking is available via meters on the nearest streets, for free in

adjacent neighborhoods, and for a fee underneath the building.

The parking entrance is located off Colby Ave.


If I'm not the right person to help you out, I will connect you with someone who can.

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